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30 01 2009

Now that the archives reading room is reopening, we thought we would share more of our upcoming events with you.  The University Archives was founded 40 years ago in November 1969 and as part of our anniversary celebration we are offering several lectures and other events.  First up is a class offered through the Evening College program.  Public Services Archivist Portia Vescio is teaching a three lecture class beginning Wednesday, February 18, 2009.  The class is, Beanies to Bodypiercings: 150 Years of MSU Student Life. 


The class will explore 150 years of Michigan State University student history and culture.  Historical highlights will be provided via diaries, letters, scrapbooks, newspapers, and other publications.  Beginning with 1857 when the first students entered MSU, through the underground culture of the 1960s, and 1970s and beyond, we will explore topics such as student rules and regulations, curriculum, activities, athletics, women and minorities, and civil disobedience.  Participants will also learn about the MSU Archives and its resources and how to locate materials online.


You need not be affiliated with MSU to register for the course.  For more information please contact the Evening College Program. 




4 responses

15 12 2016
Kaye LaGreca

I’m looking for photos of the “Pit” for registration of classes in the 80’s – any photos available here

19 12 2016

Kaye, We have registration negatives from 1988 (fall), 1986 (spring), and 1982 (fall). The negatives from 1982 are mostly close ups of students & the signs. The 1988 and 1986 negatives have more variety (e.g., close ups, the tables, lines of people). Please email archives @msu.edu if you have additional questions.

19 12 2016
Kaye LaGreca

Thank you so very much! How can I access the negatives from 86 and 88?

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19 12 2016

The negatives can be viewed in person at the University Archives. We are located in Conrad Hall, room 101 (888 Wilson Rd., East Lansing, MI).

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