Spotlight: Genealogy Collections

27 03 2009

A common question asked at the MSU Archives is, “Do you have any information about my family’s history?”  Sometimes, unfortunately, we have to tell people, “I’m sorry, no.”  Other times we can say, “Yes, we do!”   Although family history is not a collecting focus of the MSU Archives, we do have many collections and resources that can be used to track down family history.  For genealogists who are interested in finding out more about their genealogyfamily’s history, archivist Ed Busch has created a guide to our genealogy collections that relate to families, individuals, and churches to help people see if their family’s history might be located in the MSU Archives.

The genealogical guide lists about 75 different resources for family history that can be found in the MSU Archives.  The guide  lists the name of the collection, the size, and a brief description.  For MSU related publications, only the title and years of the publication are given.  We do not have these publications digitized yet, although we do hope to have greater on-line access to our collections later this year.  A pdf version of the guide is available here.




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