Construction and parking update

29 06 2009

I’ll start with the good news first.  The construction around Conrad Hall is finished!  The water main has been replaced, the streets are open and the sidewalks are repaired.  The grounds people still need to put in some grass where it has been ripped up, but otherwise the traffic is flowing as usual around the archives.

Now for the bad news.  Parking Lot 32, across the street from Conrad/Fee Halls has been changed from a token lot to a metered lot.  The cost to use the coin lot will be $1.50 per hour.  A customer may feed the meter for up to 4 hours worth of parking at one time.  For people needing to park longer than 4 hours, you will need to go back to the meter and enter more coins.

Visitors to the archives may purchase special tokens to use in the meters.  These tokens are good for 2 hours worth of parking and cost $1.00 each.  Again, only 4 hours worth of parking can be purchased at one time.  Visitors to the archives needing to stay longer than 4 hours must go back and insert more tokens/cash after the initial 4 hours has expired. 

The change in the visitor lot parking comes from the fact that the equipment monitoring the entry/exit of vehicles was broken more frequently than it was operational.  We hope that this change in the parking situation works for all visitors to the University Archives.  Please understand that we do not control the visitor lot, but if there are problems or complaints we would be happy to listen and pass them on to the appropriate department on campus.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.




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