Welcome Classes to the Archives!

8 09 2009

Fall semester 2009 began with a bang for the archives and things don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.  On Monday, August 31, archivists Sarah Roberts and Portia Vescio participated in the Cultural Engagement Showcase at the Freshman Convocation.  Sarah and Portia chatted with students about what the archives is and handed out postcards to anyone who was interested.  A special shout out goes to the RAs who stopped by the booth!  They were fascinated with the special 1950s postcards that were produced, especially the couples getting in their last kisses before curfew.

This semester the archives is hosting a Freshman Seminar.  The class, From Beanies to Bodypiercings, walks students through the history of student life at MSU.  The class starts in 1855 when the college was founded and will cover events up through recent times.  The class meets in the archives so that students have the opportunity to view and work with the primary sources that are available.  The readings, assignments, and notes will be available through ANGEL and are open to the public for all to view.

Several individual classes are also visiting the archives.  Professors are bringing in their students to learn more about the resources in the archives.  These classes range in topics from the history of Michigan to buildings on campus to the history of photography.  Any faculty member who is interested in having their class visit the archives, please contact Portia Vescio for more information.




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