Archives at the Haunted Aud

20 10 2009

This coming weekend the student theatre group MSU S.P.A.M. (Society for Performers and Arts Managers) are hosting “Haunted Aud,” a haunted house fundraiser near the MSU Auditorium on the Fairchild Side.  The event will take place on Saturday, October 24 from 8pm-12am and Sunday, October 25 from 7pm-12am.   The cost of admission is $5 and funds will be used to send senior actors to New York City in the spring for a showcase.  Groups will be escorted through the set every 10-15 minutes.

The archives worked with S.P.A.M. to get them some information about the class rivalry, an often violent clash between the freshman and sophomore classes.   The haunted house will feature some of the class rivalry posters, which have violent and gory images used to incite the opposing class.   Archivist Portia Vescio did a brief interview for S.P.A.M talking about the class rivalry and some early hazing incidents on campus.  Parts of the interview may be featured in Haunted Aud.

Example of a Class Rivalry Poster
Example of a Class Rivalry Poster



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