Answers to Archives Month Trivia Questions

4 11 2009

Over 50 people participated in this year’s contest and five people answered all ten questions correctly.  The winners will receive a Trivia Champion t-shirt.  The staff at the University Archives & Historical Collections would like to thank everyone for playing and we hope that you will all participate in our contest again next year.

The following questions were asked during the American Archives Month 2009 Trivia Contest.  The correct answers are listed below.

1.  Dr. Alfred Day Hershey became the first MSU alumnus to win what prestigious award?

A.  Nobel Prize

2.  Which MSU president retired in 1969?  (Hint:  He became president in 1941 and there is a statue of him on campus.)

C.  John Hannah

3.  Walter Adams, President of MSU from 1969-1970, wrote which book, published in 1971, about his experiences with student protests?

C.  The Test

4.  Which college was established in 1969 by public act of the Michigan Legislature?

D.  College of Osteopathic Medicine

5.  In 1969 a controversial All-University Colloquy was held on campus.  What was the topic?

C.  Sexuality

6.  Who was the first African-American Board of Trustee member?  He was elected in 1969.

A.  Blanche Martin

7.  What traditional event marked its last regular occurrence in spring 1969?

B.  The Water Carnival

8.  Which of these performers entertained at MSU in 1969?

D.  All of the above  (Neil Diamond, Bill Cosby, Bob Seger)

9.  In 1969 which MSU sports team, led by coach Grady Peninger, won their 5th straight Big Ten Title (and would go on to win a total of 7 straight)?

B.  Wrestling

10.  Which of the following is NOT true about the Vietnam Moratorium held on October 15, 1969?

A.  Students were penalized for missing class




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