Tour of Archives for MSU Staff

6 01 2010

Have you ever wondered what the restricted stacks of the University Archives look like?  Do you have questions about MSU history, but didn’t know where to look for the answers?  If you are interested in MSU history, archives, or just need a warm place to be, we have got the thing for you.

On Tuesday, January 19 between 12:15 – 12:50p.m. the University Archives & Historical Collections will lead a tour through the facilities for faculty and staff of MSU.  The tour is scheduled as part of the University Collections Council tours of collections on campus.  No pre-registration is necessary.  Anyone wishing to take the tour should arrive at 101 Conrad Hall shortly before the start time.  The closest staff parking lot is Lot 32 across from Fee Hall.  Tourists will be shown the facility and will have a chance to view some of the gems of the archives.

Some highlights of the tour will include viewing of the letter to MSU’s botanist William Beal by naturalist Charles Darwin; class rivalry posters; dance cards; early athletic programs and photographs; and scrapbooks from alumni.  Also on display will be items not pertaining to MSU but rich in historical value including Civil War diaries; business ledgers from the Battle Creek sanitarium; and photographs from the REO Motor Car Company.

If you have questions about the tour, please contact the University Archives at or call 355-2330.




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