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10 03 2010

The University Archives & Historical Collections is pleased to announce that we now have an account on Flickr and people are welcome to view some of our images there.  Our volunteer, Megan Badgley, a graduate of the Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science, selected the images and entered the descriptive information.  Megan chose about 60 different images from a wide variety of subjects and time periods.  All of these photographs relate in some way to the history of Michigan State University.  We hope to add images from our historical collections in the future.

We would like to encourage your comments, identifications, and corrections to our images on Flickr.  Please don’t be shy about identifying people you recognize or correcting us if we are wrong.  Also, let us know what other types of images you would like to see us put on Flickr.

Our photostream is called “Michigan State University Archives” and images can be viewed at:




3 responses

25 04 2010

I love seeing the photos on Flickr. Keep them coming! Do you guys have old maps of campus? It would be cool to see those online, too, to see how things changed over the years. Though I’m guessing back in 1900 you really didn’t need a map, since there were only a few buildings…

26 04 2010

We do have old maps of campus – going all the way back to 1857. They tend to be large and are a little harder to digitize than the photos, but we do hope to get some of the maps online within the next year. Keep a lookout for them.

29 04 2010

Wow! That’s cool! I look forward to seeing what you guys can put up. I’m sure it’s a daunting task to digitize such things.

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