Answers to 2010 Trivia Questions

3 11 2010

The Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2010 American Archives Month trivia contest.  This year saw over 40 people compete to win reproductions of posters from the class rivalry between the freshmen and the sophomores.  Three people answered all questions correctly and won the top prize.  We hope you continue to play in the future!


1.         How many bells were originally in the carillon of Beaumont Tower when the building was dedicated in 1929?

B.  Ten

2.        When Sparty went to serve his country during World War II, what was the name of his girlfriend who kept him updated about campus events?

B.  Spartina

3.        This was the first year women were allowed to wear slacks to class, but only due to an exceptionally cold winter.  The formal dress code regulations were not dropped until the late 1960s.

C.  1943

4.       Which of the following Hollywood personalities did NOT attend MSU?

D.  Bruce Campbell

5.       Which early president resigned amid controversy surrounding student unrest, including the suspension of two students who were to have excessively celebrated the inauguration of President Grover Cleveland?

C.  Oscar Clute

6.       In what year did the college hold Excavation Week, where students helped dig out the foundation for the Union when lack of funds threatened to curtail the project?

B.  1923

7.       The 1920 Wolverine called this former campus tradition “the biggest social event of the college year.”

A. Junior Hop

8.       MSU was involved with the starting of this Michigan university, but the institution was later granted autonomy by the Michigan legislature.

Oakland University




2 responses

21 10 2013
Jack Thompson

Which president was never president but was just head of the faculty when there was no president, and is listed as president because the university ahbhors a vacuum?
The same early one that resigned amid controversy surronding student unrest – Oscar Clute.

22 10 2013

According to the State Board of Agriculture’s (the college’s governing body) meeting minutes, Oscar Clute was elected president on May 7, 1889. A digitized copy of the meeting minutes can be viewed here: . The original copy is available at the MSU Archives during our normal business hours (for more information, please refer to our website:

Here is the transcription of the meeting minutes:
“Agricultural College May 7th 12.30 p.m.
The Board reconvened with all the members present.
After a few informal ballots it was resolved to proceed to
a formal ballot for the election of a President of the College.
The result of the ballot was as follows:
For Rev. Oscar Clute of Pomona, California 5 votes
For Dr. R.C. Kedzie of Agricultural College Mich 2 votes
The President of the Board announced that Rev. Oscar Clute
having received a majority of the votes cast was duly elected President
of the Michigan State Agricultural College.
It was resolved that the President of the Board telegraph
Mr Clute informing him of his election.”

Although Clute taught at the State Agricultural College for four years in the 1860s, he was not a faculty member at the time of his election to the presidency.

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