2010 Round-Up

20 12 2010

It has been a very busy year for the University Archives & Historical Collections.  We would like to thank all the individuals and departments who have supported us throughout the year.  We accomplished quite a bit and we could not have done it without your support.

We made great strides toward increasing our online presence this year.  Our new website was launched in May.  The website has an expanded section on Records Management and links to our other online sources.  This year we also launched a Flickr page, making more photographs available to the public.  We continued to add content to On the Banks of the Red Cedar with new exhibits on Forest Akers and the Colleges of Osteopathic and Human Medicine.

The University Archives had several public presentations this year; most notably, we sponsored the film Spartacus for the East Lansing Film Festival.  Cheers for the film were recorded at MSU and 2010 marked the 50th anniversary of the film.  We are pleased to report that Spartacus tied for the audience favorite award at ELFF.  We also held our annual American Archives Month trivia contest in October.  The UAHC hosted an open house for members of the Mid-Michigan Alumni group that coincided with the first ever National Preservation Week.  Staff from the UAHC gave several presentations to local organizations.

We would like to thank the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for allowing us to participate in several of their events.  The UAHC was present for both Ag Expo and the Great Dairy Adventure for the third year in a row.  The staff working the booth at Ag Expo would also like to thank whoever put our booth right across the aisle from the Dairy Store with their free, yummy ice cream.

Great strides have been made toward improving the records management program on campus.  In addition to the increased information on the website, we also have a new brochure and Director Cynthia Ghering has been giving presentations to campus groups on general records management procedures, email management, and scanning and attachments.  This year also saw the start of the three-year “Spartan Archive” project in which the archives is working  to develop an electronic records archive for the university’s born-digital records and publications.

Though it seems to us that we accomplished much, we know that there is always more to do.  In 2011 be on the lookout for more records management related classes, more materials available digitally, the “I Found it in the Archives!” campaign, and our kickoff to the Civil War Sesquicentennial.

Happy New Year!

The Staff at the University Archives & Historical Collections




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