Founder’s Day

11 02 2011

It all started with the State of Michigan buying a farm. A college was built on its back forty acres. On February 12, 1855 Michigan Governor Kinsley S. Bingham signed into law an act for the establishment of a state agricultural school. Two years later at the dedication ceremony on May 31, 1857, 61 students were to begin their higher education at the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan. However, establishing this university was no walk in the park. Ever since the establishment of the college there was a dispute about whether or not it was to be a separate institution or a part of the University of Michigan. The government finally declared the college to be a separate institution. Other issues also took place over the years. The college suffered financially and almost closed down numerous times. Its financial issues were resolved and the University grew into what it is today, a home for more than 42,000 students and a place where a great education is earned.

Tomorrow we celebrate Founders Day at Michigan State University, and every student should thank Governor Bingham for signing that act into a law. I know I will!

Sources: 1955 Wolverine Yearbook



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