Ag Expo and Great Dairy Adventure

19 07 2011
Staff at the Ag Expo Booth

Lisa Schmidt and Cynthia Ghering work the University Archives' booth at Ag Expo 2011.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Mt. Hope Road in East Lansing in the next few days, please feel free to stop by Ag Expo or the Great Dairy Adventure and visit the University Archives & Historical Collections at our booths.  Ag Expo, July 19-21, 2011, has over 200 exhibitors for products and services to help Michigan farmers.  The University Archives’ booth is located in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources tent.  The theme of our booth this year is the History of Science and Agriculture.  We have a poster featuring the early scientific and agricultural achievements of the college and several postcards that feature historical photographs from the collections.

The Great Dairy Adventure is held in the MSU Pavilion, on the other side of Mt. Hope from Ag Expo.  On Wednesday, July 20, kids will have the opportunity to learn about dairy and dairy products.  The University Archives’ booth features a timeline of significant dairy events on campus.  There will be paper copies of personal timelines, so kids can take them home and create a timeline for their own life.  Cow tattoos and coasters will also be available.

Drink lots of water and stay cool in the summer heat.  We want to see you there both happy and healthy!



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