Kedzie Descendant Visits Archives

26 07 2011

Sue and Mike Misteravich meet with Director Cynthia Ghering to look at Kedzie family papers and photographs.

On Friday, July 22, Sue Misteravich, a descendant of Robert C. Kedzie and Frank S. Kedzie, visited the archives to learn more about her relatives.  Sue did not realize her family connection to MSU until her son decided to attend college here.  At a family dinner Sue’s mother mentioned that it was great that he was attending a school where they had family ties.  Unaware of her family’s connection, Sue’s mother explained the family history going back to Robert Clark Kedzie who began teaching at Michigan Agricultural College back in 1863, shortly after the school opened.  His son was Frank S. Kedzie who was president of MSU from 1915-1921.  Sue’s great grandfather was William Knowlton Kedzie, brother to Frank.  William Kedzie died at a young age, so his son Roscoe Kedzie, Sue’s grandfather, was raised by Frank.  Roscoe lived on the campus as a young boy and created a newsletter, The Eagle, that told of campus happenings between 1892-1893, until “The powers that be decided that school was of greater importance.”

In addition to looking at The Eagle, Sue also looked photo albums from Frank Kedzie and his wife Kate Marvin Kedzie, cartoons of school mentioning Robert Clark Kedzie, student remembrances of Robert Clark Kedzie, and several photographs of both Kedzies.




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