Answers to 2011 Trivia Contest

9 11 2011

Sorry that we are a little late getting out the answers to the trivia contest this year.  It has been very busy at the archives, which is a very good thing!  We want to thank everyone for participating in the 2011 American Archives Month Trivia Contest.  Over 40 people entered and three people answered all questions correctly.  The staff at the University Archives & Historical Collections would like to thank everyone for playing and we hope that you all participate in our contest next year.

1.  Which MAC alum entered college at the age of 15 without a high school diploma?  This alum would later become a leading figure in scientific research at the White House and serve on a commission that was a precursor of the Manhattan Project.

B.  Lyman Briggs

2. While waiting for Snyder and Phillips Halls to open, a housing crunch in 1946 forced nearly 500 male students to live where on campus?

A.  Jenison Gymnasium

3. In 1949, MSC Shadows replaced which popular song as our alma mater?

 C.  Close Beside the Winding Cedar

4.  Which Hollywood beauty joined MSU halfback Billy Wells for a dream date at a pregame Rose Bowl dinner in December 1953?

B.  Debbie Reynolds

5.  In what year did the MAC Aggies first claim a football victory over the University of Michigan Wolverines?

C.  1913

6.  Who was head of athletics when MAC (now MSU) dropped out of the MIAA (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association)?

D.  Chester Brewer

Please Note:  There was a typing error on the printed version of this form for Question 7.  In the interest of fairness, this question was not counted for or against any person who played the trivia contest.

7.  When Michigan Agricultural College opened in 1857, how many on-site faculty/staff members were employed by the college?

B.  7

8.  Which of the following campus traditions was no longer in effect after 1935?

B.  Freshmen men could not be seen openly with a co-ed





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