Archives Receives Digitization Grant for Vietnam Project Records

25 05 2012

The University Archives & Historical Collections in conjunction with the MSU Department of History and MATRIX have received $264,998 in funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities to digitize records related to the MSU Vietnam Project.  During the 1950s, MSU developed a unique relationship with the Republic of Vietnam (better known as South Vietnam) in the early years of the new nation’s transition from French colony to Cold War battleground.  Because of his personal ties to certain members of MSU’s faculty, the President of South Vietnam requested MSU-led technical assistance as a central part of an aid package offered by the United States government, which was eager to support this new non-Communist country in the global Cold War arena.  The goal to help produce  a stable, non-communist South Vietnam was unsuccessful, and growing American military involvement in South Vietnam made the project increasingly irrelevant.  The program ended in 1962 and quickly was written off as an experience best forgotten, yet it left behind a rich and invaluable trove of documents.

More information about the digitization project can be found in the MSU Press Release.  Questions about the project can be directed to Cynthia Ghering.





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