New Year, No Space? Records Management Services at MSU

31 08 2015

By Hillary Gatlin, University Records Manager

As a new school year begins, you may look around at the paper files and documents in your office and think: Where am I going to store these documents? I have no space!

University Archives recently constructed a new records management area for staging and processing of university records.


University Archives can help! The University Archives’ Records Management Program provides a variety of services to assist departments and offices with identifying, storing, and organizing their university records.


What kind of documents do you create in your office? Are they university records? Are they considered permanent or temporary?

The Records Management program creates and manages the University’s records retention schedules, which will tell you what records to keep and for how long. If a record your office creates is not mentioned in the University’s general schedules, the Records Manager will work with your office to craft specific retention schedules to meet your needs. For more information, visit our retention schedules at


Just because you need to retain a document for 6 years doesn’t mean you have to store it in your filing cabinet.

The records management program provides storage to offices/departments free of charge (all you need to purchase are the boxes). This storage service allows you to store your temporary paper records off-site until they are eligible for destruction. University Archives will then store the boxes and contact you for approval when they are eligible for destruction. You can even request the return of materials if they are needed for review or audit. This service will free up your office space and help ensure that your records are retained for the full required retention period. For more information, check out the records transfer process at


Do you have questions about how to organize, file, and otherwise manage a variety of records, both in paper and electronic formats?

University Archives provides free records management consultation on a variety of topics, including shared drive organization strategies, file naming conventions, and general records management best practices. The Records Manager is available to meet on a one on one basis or can present to a whole office if preferred.

Contact University Archives at 5-2330 or to schedule a consultation.

Looking to explore any of these services? Check out the Records Management program on for more information.




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