Spring Cleaning of Your Office

4 05 2017

As another semester comes to an end with campus being less crowded and bit quieter, it is a good idea to think about cleaning out your office. Make some time this summer to review your file cabinets to decide what materials should be kept in your office or can be transferred over to the University Archives & Historical Collections (UAHC).


Accounting Office – New Wing of the Administration Building, 1947 (A006401)


The Records Management program that is part of UAHC is happy to accept your office’s temporary paper records and permanent paper records. We also accept electronic permanent digital records. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accept temporary digital records. To learn more about the transfer process for both paper and digital materials, please refer to our website’s Records Transfer, Retrieval, and Destruction page.

The types of materials that should be kept permanently and transferred over to the Archives are:

  • Official correspondence, annual reports, policy and procedure statements
  • Speeches, presentations, and records of university performances/events
  • Minutes and agendas for official university meetings
  • Course syllabi
  • University publications, including newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, newsletters, brochures, posters, and pamphlets
  • Films, tapes, and photographs
  • Student organization records, including minutes, publications, and photographs
  • Faculty papers

All of these materials help tell the history and story of Michigan State University. Once the materials are transferred over to the Archives, they will be processed, arranged, and made publicly available to researchers. If materials need to be kept permanently but not made available to the public, there is a check box on the transmittal form where you can indicate that the materials be made “restricted.”

If you have any questions about which materials need to be kept permanently or only temporary, please review the Archives website. You can also contact the Archives at archives@msu.edu or by calling 517-355-2330.


Duck swimming on the Red Cedar River, 1971 (A006390)


Enjoy summer break and a quieter campus!

Written by Jennie Russell, Assistant Records Archivist




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