Editors from “Tales from the Archives” Recognized during Authors Reception

20 04 2018

On April 19, 2018, MSU Archives & Historical Collections employees were recognized during the MSU Libraries Faculty Authors Reception for our book “Tales from the Archives, Volume One: Campus and Traditions” that was published during the 2017 year. The MSU Libraries have two copies of our book: one for the Main Library and the other for the MSU Faculty Book Collections, located in the Stanley C. and Selma D. Hollander Faculty Book Collection on the first floor of the Main Library. MSU Libraries honor MSU faculty and staff whose books, multimedia works, musical scores, and recordings were published during the year.

Book Display

Our book on display with the other faculty books during the MSU Libraries Faculty Authors Reception.


The editors of the Tales book were honored to be recognized among our MSU peers. We are extremely proud of the book and that working on the Tales book was a fun experience! Due to the success of Volume One, we are currently working on “Tales from the Archives, Volume Two.”

The editors would like to thank current and former MSU archivists and students that wrote the original articles that appear in the book; Bill Castanier, who wrote our Foreword; our supervisor, Cynthia, for letting us pursue this project; Julie Taylor from the MSU Espresso Book Machine; our graphic design student, Heng-Yu Chen, for creating our amazing book cover; our proof readers, Renee and Leigh; and most importantly, our fifth editor, Hillary Gatlin. Hillary left MSU to head for warmer weather but she was the driving force for designing the layout of the book and for pushing us to get our photos selected and articles fact checked in time. Even though Hillary couldn’t be present at the MSU Libraries Faculty Authors Reception, she was a valuable editor of the Tales book team!

Faculty Book reception

Tales from the Archives editors Susan, Megan, Jennie, and Ed.


If you would like to purchase a copy of “Tales from the Archives, Volume One: Campus and Traditions”, it can be purchased by ordering online at http://shop.msu.edu/product_p/arc-04.htm, by contacting the Archives at 517-355-2330 or by emailing archives@msu.edu, or you can purchase a copy in-store at Schuler Books.

Written by Jennie Russell, Assistant Records Archivist




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